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Our Fitting Process

They say if you do something you love, you will never work another day of your life!  This is where the party starts for us.  We enjoy the fitting process, and hope you will do the same.  Our goal is to ensure you get exactly what your feet need for your activities, and maybe share a laugh or two during the time we spend together.  
1. We Scan Your Feet

We utilize the Albert 2 technology to get the basic information on your feet such as size, arch type, pronation style and your unique pressure points.

We like to ask you many questions about your activities, previous injuries and where you intend to use your shoes the most. 

2. We Help You Select Footwear 

We use the foot scan information to narrow down the search for your shoes from our display wall. 


We strive to ensure the shoe(s) you select supports you where your feet need it the most.

We carry an assortment of models and sizes to meet the majority of footwear needs.

3. We Watch You Run, Walk and Stand

Pardon our lack of eye contact on occasion.  We really do focus on your feet.  We will watch you walk around the room or on our Trueform Runner Treadmill.  Not all footwear will fit the same and support your natural gait evenly.


We strive to find the shoe that fits your foot like a glove.

No Appointments Needed

This is simply what we do.

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